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One Great Destination.
The world’s best ceramics come to Baltimore, February 19 – April 3, 2005.

Tour de Clay is a collaboration among artists, galleries and leaders from the Greater Baltimore cultural community who have joined together to showcase all possibilities of art in clay. One hundred and sixty (160) exhibits featuring 878 artists from around the world will be held in 122 venues throughout the Greater Baltimore region beginning February 19 and continuing through April 3, 2005.

Tour de Clay Events

Fête ’05 Tour de Clay Collector’s Weekend

Highlighted Events

Feb 19

Kick-Off Reception at Baltimore Clayworks

Feb 22 – 27

ACC Conference, Baltimore Convention Center

Feb 26 – 27

ACC Tour de Clay Weekend during which neighborhoods throughout the region will be hosting opening receptions

March 3

1st Thursdays – Mt. Vernon Cultural District holds opening receptions for their exhibitions

March 4

CLAY DAY – various venues will have “clay stations” where the public can view clay demonstrations and make objects out of clay and selected schools will participate in artist-in-residence programs

March 6

1st Sundays – Fells Point and Annapolis hold opening receptions for their exhibitions

Presented by

Baltimore Clayworks

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